The Secret to Quick & Easy Spa Care

Happy couple in front of hot tub after learning the secret to easy spa care

One of the most common questions we get as a hot tub dealer is “How hard is it to take care of a hot tub?” We love this question because the answer is IT’S EASY! Hot tubs are nothing like taking care of a swimming pool, which can take a lot of time. When we […]

How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost?

Jacuzzi hot tub in back yard at night

It’s not a surprise that one of the most common questions we get as a hot tub and swim spa dealer is “How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost?” It’s an understandable question when you consider that, when we shop for other larger items like a sofa, mattress, washer/dryer, or even a car, we have […]


Fast lead times results in Couple enjoying private time in their hot tub

This will be the shortest article we’ve ever written, and it’s to announce the shortest lead times in the industry… Like most products, during the pandemic lead times in the spa and pool industry were very long. Today, lead times are back to normal, at least for Flint Hills Spas’ suppliers:  Jacuzzi, Artesian, and Dreammaker.  […]


Many hot tub owners LOVE a cold snap. That feeling of dipping into a steaming hot tub to warm up when temperatures drop is THE BEST!  But a cold snap can present risks for your hot tub.  Here are a few quick but helpful tips: TAKING CARE OF YOUR HOT TUB IN COLD WEATHER * Keep […]


“Should we get a swim spa or a hot tub?”  This is a question we hear from people looking to add some awesome aquatic fun to their backyard.  There are many similarities between the 2 products, but of course important differences.  Which is better for your needs? THE BENEFITS OF HOT TUBS Hot tubs are […]

Heat Creep!

Heat Creep and Hot Tub Service

Hot Tub Service Tips for Heat Creep Here’s a good hot tub service tip for the summer time.  Are you finding your hot tub is heating beyond the temperature setting?  Not to worry, it’s likely not a malfunction but instead may be caused by the temperature creeping up due to hot outside temperatures.  We call […]

Reviving Your Hot Tub

Hot Tub Purification Water

If it’s been awhile since you used your hot tub and you’re ready to get it revived and restarted, there are some things that need to happen before you can get back to enjoying the water. Initial Steps to revive your Hot Tub Assuming the hot tub has been empty and the power is OFF, […]


I have a geriatrician friend in Arizona who recently completed an intensive 1 year medication administration training course through which he learned how to better administer pills to his patients. He recently told me that he now finds that >50% of his patients are taking TOO MANY pills (e.g. pills that overlap or are doing […]

Hot tub weather is finally here! Fall hot tub tips!

Couple relaxing in their hot tub by Artesian Spas

It’s our favorite time of year.  Temperatures are moderating, the leaves are ready to change colors, the Chiefs are undefeated, KU football has a winning record, (wait…what?!?!)… AND it is now Hot Tub weather! We’ve been busy the past couple weeks with people asking questions and stocking up on supplies.  Below are some tips for […]

Flint Hills Spas New West Wichita Location

Flint Hills Spas East Wichita storefront

Flint Hills Spas and Pools Opens New West Wichita Location  Wichita, KS — Flint Hills Spas new west Wichita location will be open later this year in west Wichita at 6730 West Kellogg, just east of Ridge Rd. The new store will be doing business as Flint Hills Spas & Pools. Flint Hills Spas owner […]