Hot Tub Service Tips for Heat Creep

Here’s a good hot tub service tip for the summer time.  Are you finding your hot tub is heating beyond the temperature setting?  Not to worry, it’s likely not a malfunction but instead may be caused by the temperature creeping up due to hot outside temperatures.  We call this “Heat Creep”.  This is not uncommon in well-insulated hot tubs that also have high-density spa covers.  Heat Creep can happen in the summer whether your hot tub is sitting in direct sun or not.  To manage Heat Creep, try these strategies:

Beach Towels

Roll up a couple of beach towels and wedge them between the cover and the lip of the tub on the 2 front corners.  This will create some air flow and ventilation without much exposure to blowing debris entering the water.

Let it Breathe

In the early morning hours when it’s still somewhat cool, open the hot tub and let it “breathe” for a few hours.  Just watch out for blowing or falling debris.

Add Fresh Water

Adding fresh water, which should be coming out of the ground at 65-75 degrees, can work really well.  You could drain a few inches off before adding cooler water if you want, and to prevent overfilling.

Bags of Ice Can Work Too!

And yes, you can add bags of ice if you have some around!  Just don’t use ice blocks, which can sink to the bottom and damage the acrylic (cold against hot acrylic).

If at any time you have questions or perhaps concerns that you do NOT have heat creep, contact Flint Hills Spas right away at 316-733-1200 or visit

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