Hot tub weather is finally here! Fall hot tub tips!

Couple relaxing in their hot tub by Artesian Spas

It’s our favorite time of year.  Temperatures are moderating, the leaves are ready to change colors, the Chiefs are undefeated, KU football has a winning record, (wait…what?!?!)… AND it is now Hot Tub weather!

We’ve been busy the past couple weeks with people asking questions and stocking up on supplies.  Below are some tips for the fall hot tub season.

Drain & Refill – Fall & Spring

As noted in last week’s email blast, we recommend picking a nice day sometime soon to do a drain ,clean, and refill. Our view is if you’re taking good care of your water, bather-load is about average, and you haven’t had any major “uh-ohs” with your hot tub, you shouldn’t need to do this more than 2x per year. Fall and Spring are perfect times.

Take Care of Your Cover

You can significantly extend the life of your hot tub cover with regular cleaning and the application of a protectant like 303 Protectant.  In addition to preventing mold and mildew, it will help keep the vinyl supple and soft.  We recommend wiping down the underside of your cover as well.  Just avoid household cleaners or Armor All, which can cause foaming in your hot tub.

Extra Set of Filters

Frankly we could go either way on this, but it’s not a bad idea to have an extra set on hand going in to the colder months. If you find yourself with dirty filters and the weather doesn’t lend itself to cleaning them, pop in your second clean set and deal with the dirty ones later.

Snow Birds

For those of you who spend a lot of time away from home during the fall and winter, or who just don’t use the hot tub as much, have a plan for hot tub care. That could be simply setting weekly reminders to check and balance your water, or if you really won’t be using it, call us to have your hot tub winterized. DO NOT DRAIN YOUR HOT TUB IN THE FALL/WINTER WITHOUT WINTERIZING!


Remember why you own a hot tub. To relax, relieve aches & pains, spend time with family and friends, and overall enjoy yourself.

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