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There are still a lot of questions these days about lead times and availability of pretty much all products, including hot tubs and swim spas. In this article we will discuss the true story about what’s going on, and what that means to you when you’re shopping for a new hot tub or swim spa.

PUNCH LINE FOR THOSE WHO CANT WAIT – we generally have some inventory
in stock, and more spas arriving and available every 2-4 weeks!


Prior to COVID, the lead times in the spa industry were typically about 3-4 weeks, and it was like that for many many years. When COVID hit back in early 2020, the result was that plants suffered a bit of downtime, demand exploded as people stopped traveling or going out and looked to stay home more, and manufacturers of spa components like heaters and pumps struggled to keep up leading to periodic shortages. As a result, lead times for spas grew significantly, just like every other product.


Plants that produce spas are running just fine, as are component manufacturers. At Flint Hills Spas we’re getting regular deliveries of spas about every couple weeks. Demand is still high by historical standards.


We have hundreds of models on order. We typically have a selection of spas that are in stock and available for delivery to you within, say, 1-3 weeks. And then as you go out 2, 4, 6 weeks, the selection grows significantly.


The thing to remember is that when you buy a hot tub or swim spa, you’re buying a product that’s meant to last you 15-20 years…if you buy a good brand from a reputable dealer. What you don’t want to do is compromise your selection by buying something that’s not quite right for you and your family, or it’s a cheap-o brand, but you can get it a little faster. Because of how long these products are meant to last, you really need to focus on the right features and making the right selection,…and buying from the right dealer who’s going to be there locally for you for after-purchase service and support. Saving yourself a little bit of time, or buying from a dealer you don’t have trust and faith in, and not getting the right model or relationship will be very costly over the long-term.

For more information on how much hot tubs cost click here.

So give us a call or stop in to learn more about how we can get you and your family hot-tubbing with the right product. We have 2 locations in Wichita:

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