The Secret to Quick & Easy Spa Care

Happy couple in front of hot tub after learning the secret to easy spa care
One of the most common questions we get as a hot tub dealer is “How hard is it to take care of a hot tub?” We love this question because the answer is IT’S EASY! Hot tubs are nothing like taking care of a swimming pool, which can take a lot of time.

When we deliver your hot tub, one of the key things our service technicians do at the end of the process is provide you with an orientation. We cover topics like how to control and adjust the temperature, jets, lights, settings, etc. – as well as how to balance the water and care for the spa.

An overview of guidelines is below:

  • Assign a “Person In Charge” in your household; someone who has ownership of spa care. This is much better than a free-for-all situation where often one person won’t know if the other has done anything to the spa.
  • Test your water using test strips at least once a week. This is regardless of what kind of sanitizing system you use with your spa.
  • If necessary, balance the water based on the results the test strip shows.
  • Clean your filters ideally once a month. You might be able to stretch this longer during periods of light spa use.
  • Recognize situations where the water may be more susceptible to potential problems. The best example of this is an evening of heavy use (imagine your teenage boys using the spa after football practice!). Heavy use is not a problem, but it’s usually good to shock the water after use, especially heavy use. In certain situations, rinsing off is recommended.
  • Change your water out about every 5-6 months.

A key element of spa care is staying disciplined with a regular, weekly schedule with 3 simple tasks.

  • Have a day of the week you always test and balance your water.
  • Have a day of the month you pull the filters and clean them.
  • Have a date on the calendar for your next water change out.

There are many reasons to buy your hot tub from a local bricks-and-mortar dealer and one of those reasons is to have a resource to consult if you have questions. Local bricks-and-mortar dealers like Flint Hills Spas are here to help. Something that an online spa seller, or out of town spa peddling company, cannot do.

Happy hot tubbing!

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