Hot Tub Delivery – Leave it to the Experts

Hot tub installation at customer’s home over wall

This week we had a call from a family who made the mistake of buying a hot tub from a local “big box” store (see our blog article “BIG-BOX VS. SPECIALTY STORE – HOT TUB BUYING GUIDE” to understand WHY this is a BIG mistake). They were getting delivery in a couple days and just […]

Health & Wellness In Your Hot Tub

Woman relaxing in Island series hot tub by Artesian Spas

Hot Tubs have a number of benefits to your health and wellness. Below are just a few of the things a hot tub can do to help your health & wellness: HYDROTHERAPY Artesian Spas, sold by Flint Hills Spas, have specifically directed jets of water that can benefit every part of the body, including the […]

Big-Box vs. Specialty Store – Hot Tub Buying Guide

Hot tub service provided by Flint Hill Spas

These days you can get just about everything from the “big box” stores. But what might appear like a good deal at the big-boxes usually is not. Below we attempt to give readers a bit of a hot tub buying guide – explaining some of the differences between buying a hot tub from big-boxes vs. […]

Swim Year-Round In Your Own Swim Spa!

TidalFit exercise pools and swim spas

Did you know, swimming is the 4th most popular activity in the United States? Why? There are just so many health benefits, including: Works your whole body Increases your heart rate without stressing your body Builds strength and endurance Various strokes add variety to your workout regime Swim spas, or exercise pools, are not necessarily […]

“Person In Charge”

If you bought your hot tub from us you know that we espouse the importance of having a “person in charge” of the hot tub.  What exactly does this mean? WHAT DOES “PERSON IN CHARGE” MEAN? No guys, it doesn’t mean you now rule the household.  You are still second in command!  “Person in charge” […]

Cleaning Your Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub cover is an essential component for your hot tub. When closed it keeps your hot tub insulated and keeps debris from blowing or falling in. When open and used with a cover lift, it can provide privacy or serve as a wind block. But how should you clean it? LIFE EXPECTANCY OF […]