If it’s been awhile since you used your hot tub and you’re ready to get it revived and restarted, there are some things that need to happen before you can get back to enjoying the water.

Initial Steps to revive your Hot Tub

Assuming the hot tub has been empty and the power is OFF, fill the tub and turn on power.  Check all the main operations – are the pumps working, is it heating, are there any signs of leaks, do the lights work, etc.

Flush the Hot Tub Plumbing with Jet Clean

Assuming everything looks good, we recommend removing the filters and adding a bottle of Jet Clean by Leisure Time.  Follow instructions on the bottle for dosage and timetables.  This is a great product for cleaning out the plumbing on a hot tub that’s been idle.  Note, when I use Jet Clean on my personal hot tub, I let it run for up to 24 hours.

More Cleaning 

While the Jet Clean is doing its thing, you should soak and clean your filters.  Stop by your local dealer to get some Pleatco Filter Tabs, which work great for a deep filter clean.  And if the filter are old (>1 year) and have been outside a long time, you should probably just replace them.

Your cover is probably a mess too, so get a bottle 303 Aerospace Protectant and clean the cover.  303 is great, as it helps keep the vinyl nice and supple and also has a UV protectant to provide protection from the sun’s harmful rats.

Dump the water and, yes, MORE CLEANING

After your allotted time to allow the Jet Clean to work, turn off the power and drain that dirty water.  Then scrub the shell tub until it shines – Tub Scrubbers are great for cleaning the inside of the tub.  Once this is done refill, insert your new/clean filters, power it up, balance the chemicals, and once it heats up, YOU’RE SET TO GO!

Final Words of Advice

(1) You can always call a professional to have their service department do this for you.  Depending on where you live, the size of the hot tub, and how long it’s been idle, you’ll probably spend $150-200 for this service.

(2) You may need to drain and refill your water twice depending on how long the hot tub has been idle and how much residual water remained.
(3) If you power up the hot tub and you see problems (pumps not working, leaks, not heating), CALL A PROFESSIONAL!

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