How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost?

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It’s not a surprise that one of the most common questions we get as a hot tub and swim spa dealer is “How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost?”

It’s an understandable question when you consider that, when we shop for other larger items like a sofa, mattress, washer/dryer, or even a car, we have a pretty good idea of what we’re going to pay when we start shopping.  But sometimes when people start shopping for a hot tub or a swim spa, cost is a question.

Hot Tub Prices

Of course, the answer to this question varies from dealer to dealer and from one spa manufacturer to another, not to mention it will vary depending on where you live.  But our experience has shown the following:

Generally speaking you should be able to find smaller, 2-4 person hot tubs in the $4-5k range, with options going up to $6-7k.

Spas that seat 5-6 people or so and are in the 7’ x 7’ size category typically start around $6-7k and can go up to $12-14k.  This is the most common and popular size, and there are many options – this is why the price range is so wide.  And of course, the price will depend on features and options that are included and/or that the customer selects.

Spas that seat 6-8 people and are in the 8’ x 8’ size category typically start around $8-10k and can go into the mid teens, with some really nice ones with more advanced therapy seating and other cool features going into the high teens – $20k.

On the subject of swim spas, these generally start in the very low $20s.  Single unit swim spas, ranging from 12-15’, will generally be in the low $20s – $30k.  Dual temp models, where you can regulate the temperature in the pool side differently than the spa side, will generally be in the mid-$30s – mid-$40s.

Quality Matters

IT’S IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  in our industry the old adage “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR” is very true.  Can you go to your local “big box store” and find a less expensive spa?  Probably.  Are you going to get the same quality construction and plumbing and pump size and therapy jetting?  No.  These spas is they’re cheap for a reason.  The same holds true for many online-only spa peddlers.  Not to mention – who are you going to call for warranty work (if you get a warranty) or service?

So…it always pays to SHOP LOCAL.

P.S.  In case we leave this blog article up for 20 years and you’re reading it in 2043, the price ranges above will NOT be accurate.  Then again, what do I care I’ll be retired!

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