Essential Features Every Hot Tub Should Have

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Thinking of buying a hot tub and want to know the main features it should contain? Learn more in this article.

If you’re planning to purchase a hot tub, you may want to know what the essential features are, and the differences between an average/below-average hot tub and a quality well-built hot tub. These are common inquiries when it comes to making an investment in a hot tub, especially if you are looking for a brand and model that is reliable and comfortable.

What Are Essential Hot Tub Features?
  1. Jets – Quality of Hydrotherapy
  2. Water Sanitization and Filtration – Clean, Safe Water
  3. Materials and Insulation – Durability and Efficiency
  4. Controls – Simple to Use
  5. Seating – Everybody Fits Comfortably

These 5 features are focused on getting the most out of your hot tub for a long period of time. Remember a quality, well-built hot tub purchased from a reputable local dealer should last you 15-20 years. While something bought from an out-of-town spa peddler, a big-box store, or online will probably last a whole lot less. Quality is essential.

Other features such as lighting, water features, and sound systems are also important to many hot tub owners. However, in the initial stage of hot tub shopping, the standard of engineering and build quality should be at the top of your list. There will be plenty of time to opt for add-on amenities.

Lastly – make sure you’re buying the hot tub from a reputable local dealer. Someone who’s been around and will be around, with well-training informative staff, including a solid service team.

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There are many reasons to buy your hot tub or sauna from a local bricks-and-mortar dealer and one of those reasons is to have a resource to consult if you have questions. Local brick-and-mortar dealers like Flint Hills Spas are here to help. Something that an online spa seller, or out-of-town spa peddling company, cannot do.

Give us a call or stop in to learn more about how we can get you and your family hot-tubbing. We have 2 locations in Wichita:

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We are not physicians. Do not deem any of the information provided herein as a diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, or prescription. Please consult your physician or medical provider before using a sauna for medical conditions.

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