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With the weather getting warmer, Swimming Season is approaching! Now is the time to consider different pool options for your family and get your new pool on order. A common question we get at Flint Hills Spas is to compare Swim Spas (or “Exercise Pools”) to in-ground pools. Below we lay out the top 4 reasons we think you should consider a Swim Spa for your household.


The first, and far and away biggest, advantage Swim Spas have vs. in-ground pools is that a Swim Spa can be used YEAR-ROUND! That’s what they’re designed for! They have heaters and insulated covers for the cold weather months allowing you to swim 24/7/365. And the heaters don’t have to run in the summertime. In our Midwest climate, you’ll use your in-ground pool only 4-5 months a year.


This is critical. the TidalFit model Swim Spas we carry at Flint Hills Spas generally start around $14-15,000 and go up to the high teens. Certain higher-end models can go up into the mid/upper-$20s. In-ground pools, on the other hand, start somewhere around $30-40,000 and can up to $100,000 or more!!! Yes, we’re telling you that you can swim YEAR ROUND for a FRACTION OF THE COST!


Another nice feature of Swim Spas is that they require a much smaller “footprint” in your backyard. It can be as small and simple as a 12’ x 8’ concrete pad or can be more elaborate if you want to recess the Swim Spa into a deck or into the ground. However with an in-ground pool obviously you’re going to need a much much bigger area in your yard.


Swim Spas or Exercise Pools are just plain easier to maintain. They’re smaller bodies of water and in our experience are not nearly as prone to getting out of balance as easily or quickly. For example, we’ve never heard of someone going outside, opening their Swim Spa, and find it green with algae. But I bet you’ve heard of that with your neighbors’ in-ground pool! At Flint Hills Spas, all our prices include a full and detailed orientation at your home about how the Swim Spa works and how to take care of it on a weekly basis.

If you’d like to learn more about Swim Spas and Exercise Pools, please call us or stop into one of our 2 locations in Wichita!

This link shows some of what we have to offer when it comes to Swim Spas: Exercise Pools

We have two locations in Wichita and we have a Facebook if you would like to check us out at facebook.com/flinthillsspas/.


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