Improving Recovery with a Hot Tub for Athletes

Lady Exercising in Swim Spa that an athlete would use for recovery and performance.

Athletes need their muscles to be fresh and in peak condition for every performance.  Post-work out recovery is a key to this, but requires planning and the proper “tools” to be available for your use.  Here are some ways you can improve athletic recovery with a hot tub.

Whole Body Massage
Often athletes will look to the aid of a heating pad for their post work-out recovery.  That can be challenging if you have multiple body parts that need to be addressed.  Rather than targeting sore muscles in small groups with a heating pad, use a hot tub to target whole muscle groups at one time, including back, shoulders, legs, calves, and feet.


Every athlete knows maintaining flexibility is a key to peak performance.  Post work-out stretching is very important to the recovery process.  While you’re in the hot tub, go through your stretching routine.  The warm water will facilitate loosening the muscle groups, allowing your stretching to achieve its goal.

A Good Night’s Sleep
After a hard workout, a good night’s sleep is critical.  Your body needs that recovery time.  The warm calming waters in a hot tub can facilitate the release of calming endorphins, which can prepare your body for a good night’s rest.

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