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Here’s how I became a believer in massage chairs.  For years our businesses, Flint Hills Spas and Flint Hills Spas & Pools (, were asked by our customers if we were ever going to sell Massage Chairs.  Home use of massage chairs has indeed grown over the last 20 years! The health and wellness theme of massage chairs is certainly consistent with our other key products; namely hot tubs, swim spas, and infrared saunas.

However, apart from watching my family sit in massage chairs in shopping malls and airports, I knew very little about them.  And when we made the final decision to carry massage chairs in our stores, my family of course wanted to get one.  I reluctantly agreed, in the back of my mind thinking “this will get used for a month and then will become a place to hang clothes and set stuff on, all the while gathering dust.  Boy was I wrong…

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

If you’ve ever booked a professional massage it’s probably because you were trying to get pain relief or help managing stress and/or anxiety. According to the American Massage Therapy Association more than 91 percent of people who have received massages between July 2014 – July 2015 thought massage was an effective way to treat pain.

Massage chairs accomplish the same benefits and more.  Cutting edge massage chair technology like ShapeDetect and Body Scanning allows the chair to measure your height and the width of your body from head to toe.  This allows the right amount of pressure to be applied to ensure your massage is targeting the areas you need massaged the most, while making sure to perform a tailor-made massage.  Benefits include:

  • Blood Circulation
  • Back Pain Relief
  • Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Athletic Recovery
  • Lowering Blood Pressure


Back to My Family

So here we are, several years after introducing massage chairs to our health and wellness lineup and in turn getting a massage chair for my family.  Our chair at home has zero clothes hanging on it, zero “stuff” sitting on it, ok maybe a LITTLE dust…and it’s getting used pretty much daily.  The primary users are my wife and my 16 year old son.  My wife uses it most nights before she goes to sleep and swears that she doesn’t sleep as well if she doesn’t sit 15-30 minutes in the chair.  My son, who plays many sports, uses it regularly for muscle recovery, primarily back and legs.  And yes, I use it as well, a couple of times a week when my body is revolting from playing too much tennis.

In short, it’s become part of our regular relaxation and recovery process. Not only that but it is all done IN THE COMFORT OF OUR HOME.

Give it some consideration.  I for one am no longer a skeptic.

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