Swim Year-Round In Your Own Swim Spa!

TidalFit exercise pools and swim spas

Did you know, swimming is the 4th most popular activity in the United States? Why? There are just so many health benefits, including:

  • Works your whole body
  • Increases your heart rate without stressing your body
  • Builds strength and endurance
  • Various strokes add variety to your workout regime

Swim spas, or exercise pools, are not necessarily new, but they have only recently grown in popularity. More and more people are seeing the benefit to a swim spa versus an in-ground pool or going to the local YMCA.

What is a Swim Spa?

A Swim Spa allows you to swim continuously against a water current. You never “hit the wall” or have to turn around to continue to swim laps like in a regular pool.  Swim Spas provide the best exercise, using the least amount of space in your home or yard.

Swim Spas also allow you to do other exercises, such as walking against the current, or strength and resistance, or rowing. Furthermore, Swim Spas act as smaller swimming pools in the sense that you can play in them, and in most models, you actually have a hot tub in one end of it and a swimming area in the other end.

Most Swim Spas include hot tub seating (with jets) at one end. This helps to facilitate an environment where a person can exercise, then relax by just soaking in the warm water to let the hot tub jets soothe the mind and body. Or skip the exercise and just use the hot tub portion!

Swim Spas come in a few different sizes.  The most common models are 12’ – 15’ in length and around 8’ in width. Swim Spas are self-contained – all the plumbing and controls are internal. The only thing that is required is 220v electrical service into the unit. They can be above ground, in-ground, have decks built around them,…lots options to suit different design ideas.


Yes, a key advantage of a swim spa is that because the system is heated, you are able to enjoy it year-round!   It’s in your backyard, it doesn’t require a trip to the YMCA or your local gym, and it’s available 24/7/365! You can’t beat that convenience!

Not to mention that, when compared with traditional in-ground pools, they take up much less space, they require less maintenance, and are more affordable (by a long shot!).

For more information about swim spas, call Flint Hills Spas at 316-733-1200 or visit https://www.flinthillsspas.com/hot-tubs/tidalfit-swim-spas/.

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