Eating, Drinking, and Being Merry in Your Hot Tub

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When you think about installing a hot tub for your house, you likely can picture yourself enjoying your favorite beverage and perhaps even a snack. Below we discuss the best way to get the best health benefits, and avoid headaches (literally and figuratively), when it comes to food, drink and alcohol in your hot tub.

#1 Wait an hour

We advise you to wait an hour after you eat before getting in the hot tub. Why? Digestion requires blood flow and the heat of the hot tub diverts blood to the surface of the skin. If you eat before you get in, you’ll have blood flow competing. Either your food won’t properly digest or you won’t get the full circulatory benefits of the hot tub. For best results, wait an hour after eating before enjoying your hot tub.

#2 Alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation

It may seem fun to lounge in your hot tub with a cold adult beverage. OK, we admit, it IS fun. Just remember the heat in the hot tub can cause you to sweat, and you can lose fluids while in the water. This can cause you to dehydrate if you don’t drink plenty of water before and after. Combining this with a hot tub can increase your risk of dehydration. So don’t forget to drink some water too!

#3 Snacking is not recommended

While it may seem fun to have snacks or other finger foods during your hot tub session, we recommend avoiding this a couple of reasons. First your blood flow doesn’t need to be distracted and diverted to digestion. Second, bringing food into your hot tub means bringing in potential contaminates to the water. It’s just a mess that doesn’t belong there. Wait until you get out to enjoy a snack.

#4 Can my hot tub help me lose weight?

Another benefit of owning a hot tub is that it may actually help you lose weight. If you drink a large glass of water prior to enjoying a 15-20 minute soak before dinner, you may eat less. This is because the increase in body temperature and circulation simulates the effects of exercise, which can reduce your appetite. However you shouldn’t try to use a hot tub to sweat off water weight – this will come back as soon as you rehydrate and can be dangerous – but you can use it to diminish your appetite.

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