Preventing Scale & Staining In Your Hot Tub!

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Many of the things you do for your hot tub are focused on seeing “immediate results”, like adding sanitizer, shock, or water clarifiers.  However there are some easy products you can and should be using weekly to prevent LONG TERM damage to your hot tub’s equipment, plumbing, and shell.



Scaling in your hot tub occurs when minerals build up over time and start to show up on the shell of the hot tub (which of course is visible) or build up on your pumps, heater, jets, or plumbing (which is not visible and potentially more damaging).  In some cases you’ll see the scale floating in the water when the problem starts to occur.



Scaling can be caused by a number of factors including:

  • Having your pH or Alkalinity out of range for a prolonged period of time
  • Hard water
  • High mineral content in your water
  • Not using a metal remover when you fill your hot tub

The biggest, and potentially the most costly, problem with scaling is when it builds up on your equipment – the heater, pumps, jetting, or plumbing. This can quickly cause these parts to fail and in almost all cases, part failure due to scaling is NOT covered under warranty.



 YES!  In fact, it’s very easy.  First and foremost, keep a regular watch on the chemical balance in your water and adjust as necessary.  Pay particular attention to the pH, Alkalinity, and Hardness.

Second, every week add 1-2oz of Defender by Leisure Time.  Defender is a stain & scale control that we’ve found to be very effective.  It’s simple – just add it weekly; the bottle has the recommended dosages per gallon.

We also recommend that you remove and clean your filters every 1-2 months, and fully replace them every 12 months or so (for standard cartridge filters).  And of course, change out your water approximately every 6 months.



 If you’re noticing staining and scaling on the shell of your hot tub, you can try to scrub it out.  Put some muscle into it but just be careful to use a soft brush or rag. NO metal bristles, brillo pads, coarse cleaners, or rough edges.  You don’t want to leave scratches or further damage the shell.  Start in a small area and go from there.


If you suspect scale may have developed on your parts or plumbing (e.g. you see the jets popping out, which often is caused by scale), call us immediately!

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