Health & Wellness In Your Hot Tub

Woman relaxing in Island series hot tub by Artesian Spas

Hot Tubs have a number of benefits to your health and wellness. Below are just a few of the things a hot tub can do to help your health & wellness: HYDROTHERAPY Artesian Spas, sold by Flint Hills Spas, have specifically directed jets of water that can benefit every part of the body, including the […]

Eating, Drinking, and Being Merry in Your Hot Tub

Fast lead times results in Couple enjoying private time in their hot tub

When you think about installing a hot tub for your house, you likely can picture yourself enjoying your favorite beverage and perhaps even a snack. Below we discuss the best way to get the best health benefits, and avoid headaches (literally and figuratively), when it comes to food, drink and alcohol in your hot tub. […]