Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters are more than just heaters, they are part of the function, decor, and design of your backyard patio.

With a patio heater, you can extend your patio season into late fall and early spring.  Our extensive offering of high-quality patio heaters gives you several options to choose from.

There are certain factors to consider when buying a heater for your backyard patio.  The area you are trying to heat determines how tall and how large the heat diameter of the heating element you are choosing.

Let’s not forget style and aesthetics when designing your backyard patio.  Leaning toward a designer style?  Looking for a contemporary or traditional design?  Come see us for the perfect patio heater for your outdoor living area today!


These contemporary heat elements have a revolutionary glass tower that creates an even heat distribution along the glass tube.


Add one of these designer line of patio heaters to complete your backyard patio and outdoor living space.  Friends and family will feel like they’re at a resort!


These traditional heaters have an easy access door making propane tank exchange accessible.


Like traditional, but looking for something a little different?  These tapered patio heaters give a slight, but a bold change in look from traditional patio heaters to something more slim and streamlined.