Buying A Hot Tub? Top 4 Questions To Ask

Buying a hot tub? Top 4 questions

Buying a hot tub or swim spa is very exciting, but you need to be prepared with the right questions to ask. While there may be many topics to research and learn, below are 4 key questions you should be sure to ask. Why will your spa do what I want/need it to do? This […]


Many hot tub owners LOVE a cold snap. That feeling of dipping into a steaming hot tub to warm up when temperatures drop is THE BEST!  But a cold snap can present risks for your hot tub.  Here are a few quick but helpful tips: TAKING CARE OF YOUR HOT TUB IN COLD WEATHER * Keep […]

Heat Creep!

Heat Creep and Hot Tub Service

Hot Tub Service Tips for Heat Creep Here’s a good hot tub service tip for the summer time.  Are you finding your hot tub is heating beyond the temperature setting?  Not to worry, it’s likely not a malfunction but instead may be caused by the temperature creeping up due to hot outside temperatures.  We call […]