Luxury Massage

Zen Awakening Massage Chairs from Flint Hills Spas bring the newest technology of relaxation and healing in the peace and comfort of your home.  Indulge in a full-body massage that blends tranquility and just the right touch of pressure that delivers the most optimal balance to your body. With the most intelligent scanning system technology, these utilize rollers and airbags to decipher the contours of your body to make sure the pressure is applied with the most therapeutic techniques available.  Let the rollers and air bags activate stress-relieving points on your neck, back, and legs to give you a deep, powerful massage.  The modern day, state-of-the-art intelligent technology system will bring health and longevity to your body!

If you’ve ever booked a professional massage it’s probably because you were trying to get pain relief or help managing stress and/or anxiety.  According to the American Massage Therapy Association more than 90 percent of people who have received massages thought massage was an effective way to treat pain. A Zen Awakening massage chair from Flint Hills Spas can help relieve pain and anxiety but those are just a few of the many health benefits that you’ll get with a ZenAwakening massage chair.

Increase in Blood Circulation!     Back Pain Relief!                 Sleep Better!

Reduce Stress & Anxiety!              Athletic Recovery!              Lower Blood Pressure!

Zen Awakening –  therapeutic products that will improve your quality of life, while also maintaining affordability and value. We pride ourselves on producing products made for your health and your happiness.

Zen Awakening Massage Chairs Only Available at West Store

Summit ZA190

Zen Awakening’s newest addition, The Summit, builds on the features already available in the lineup to bring you the most robust massage chair ever made!

ZenWave ZA180

Zen Awakening introduces its 3D Advanced Massage Wave technology to provide an exclusive full body massage.

Dreamcatcher ZA170

Zen Awakening introduces its 3D Advanced Massage Wave technology to provide an exclusive full body massage.

Tranquility ZA161

Are you craving a place for calm and peaceful relaxation? You’ve found it with Zen Awakening’s Tranquility chair. This chair features MassageWave technology to provide an exclusive full body massage.

Serenity ZA151

The Zen Awakening Serenity Massage Chair offers a exclusive full-body massage. The chair uses a combination of HeatTherapy and ReCirculate technologies that increase blood flow and circulation while reducing stress.