Hot Tub Buying 101

Buying A Hot Tub – some factors to consider:

Purchasing a hot tub, whether your first or a replacement, is a very exciting event.  A hot tub provides relaxation, therapeutic benefits, family time and warm water wellness.  However, purchasing a hot tub can sometimes be confusing and stressful.  After all, there are many options and more than 1 dealer you can visit.  Not all the alternatives are equal and there are several questions you can and should ask when comparing models.  Below we have listed some of those.  Come see us at Flint Hills Spas to learn more.

  • Get an in-depth understanding of the quality of the hot tub.  Where is it made?  What is the energy efficiency package?  What filtration/sanitation options are available?  How long is the warranty?  Is the warranty pro-rated?

Comment:  Everyone tells you their models are the highest quality.  Ask the detailed questions that will allow you to compare alternatives objectively.

  • Get an in-depth understanding of what’s included in the price.

Comment:  Watch out for hot tubs that look like “a deal” simply because standard features have been removed.  Moreover, basic services like delivery, installation, and start-up may be extra.  In a worst case scenario, you may get a hot tub delivered to your driveway and you’re on your own to figure it out!      

  • Ask if the dealer has a showroom?  Can you see a wide variety of models?  Can you “wet test” the hot tub (try out a running model)?

Comment: Buying out of a catalog, whether a paper catalog or an online seller, carries risk.  It’s one thing to buy a shirt or pair of shoes without physically seeing it before hand. It’s another to do that when you’re making an investment in a product like a hot tub that you’ll have longer than you own a car.

  • Learn what will happen if you have a problem or questions in the first few weeks of hot tub ownership – or at any time for that matter.

Comment:  This is important in all cases, but it’s particularly important if you’re considering buying from an out-of-the-area dealer.  It’s important to understand who will handle installation and who you call in the future if you are in need of service, how close they are, etc.

  • Understand the experience and history of the company you are dealing with.  How long have they been around?

Comment:  There’s no substitute for good old fashioned experience!