Tranquility ZA161

Are you craving a calm and peaceful getaway? You’ve found it with Zen Awakening’s Tranquility. This chair features YogaFlex technology to help you gently stretch your aching muscles. YogaFlex immerses you into Tranquility as it releases tension from your feet to your neck while decompressing your spine.

Tranquility ZA161



  • Seated: 58”x33x47”
  • Reclined: 69”x33”x36”

Assembly Weight:

  • 218lbs


  • Yoga FlexDecompresses your spine and joints as it stretches your back
  • ReCirculateAir pressure massage from fingertips to elbow, alleviating arthritic pain and carpal tunnel
  • ZeroGEvenly disperses weight throughout your spine and elevates your feet, increasing circulation and reducing strain on your heart
  • HipShape Compression massage for waist, thighs, and glutes
  • CalfMassageAir pressure massage for circulation benefits
  • SpaceSaver Slide forward before reclining, saving you room! You only need 3 inches of clearance behind ZenWave
  • ShapeDetect Senses body shape and size for customized massage
  • FootReflex Re-energizing, kneading massage that stimulates the nerve endings
  • Video Mini-Display Hi resolution graphics letting you see where the rollers are positioned and allowing you to select your perfect massage
  • Shoulder Compress Air pressure massage to reduce stress and strain of tired shoulders
  • LegExtenderExtend up to seven and a half inches, tranquility provides optimum comfort for every height