Dreamcatcher ZA170

The Zen Awakening Dreamcatcher massage chair gives a full-body 3D MassageWave massage while experiencing the Zero Gravity Technology that alleviates stresses and strain from gravitational pressure. The massage slowly moves you into a position to defy gravity to increase blood circulation and reduce muscle strain and joint pain.

Dreamcatcher ZA170



  • Seated: 57”x35”x50”
  • Reclined: 78”x35”x36”

Assembly Weight:

  • 298lbs


  • Yoga Flex – Decompresses your spine and joints as it stretches your back
  • HeatTherapy – Delivers indirect heat waves to sore muscles and joints
  • ShapeDetect – Sense body shape and size for customized massage
  • ScaplMassager – Relieves tension in forehead, temples and scalp
  • ZeroG – Evenly disperses weight throughout your spine and elevates your feet, increasing circulation and reducing strain on your heart
  • HipShape – Compression massage for waist, thighs, and glutes
  • PalmRelax and ReCirculate – Air pressure massage from the fingertips to the elbow, providing treatment for arthritic pain and carpal tunnel
  • CalfMassage – Air pressure massage for circulation benefits
  • FootReflex – Re-energizing, kneading massage that stimulates the nerve endings
  • ShoulderCompress – Air pressure massage to reduce stress and strain of tired shoulder
  • LegExtender – Provides optimum comfort for every height, extending up to seven and a half inches to tailor your massage just for you
  • VFD Remote – Customizes your massage how you want it. You can change which features are in use and select intensity