Platinum Elite

Where Luxury and Technology Converge

Behind Artesian’s Platinum Elite spas graceful lines lies the most powerful, energy efficient and sophisticated system ever devised for moving and controlling the flow of water in a spa. This personalized DirectFlow control system moves more water volume through the jets with greater power and adjustability than any other spa in the industry. Our patented Helix Jet System produces a powerful rotating pulsing action, giving you a soothing, luxurious hydro-massage unlike any other. Simply stated, you will not find a better performing, more therapeutic spa anywhere.

Personal Control for Every Seat with Directflow® Technology and Patented Helix Jets

Pelican Bay

108 x 91 x 38 inches
9 Seats
71 Helix Jets

Piper Glen

Platinum Elite Piper Glen 7 seat 8 foot luxury hot tub

91 x 91 x 38 inches
7 Seats
65 Helix Jets

Dove Canyon

Platinum Elite Dove Canyon 6 seat 8 foot luxury hot tub with lounge seat

91 x 91 x 38 inches
6 Seats
66 Helix Jets

Quail Ridge

Platinum Elite Quail Ridge 5 seat 8 foot luxury hot tub

91 x 79 x 35 inches
5 Seats
56 Helix Jets

Helix Jets by Artesian Spas are the most therapeutic jets in the industry!

Patented Helix & Hydro Extreme Jets

Platinum Elite, Island and Island Elite spas feature a revolutionary breakthrough in hydrotherapy jetting that makes use of the timeless concept of a helix; a curve in three-dimensional space such as that found in a spiral staircase. This Artesian Spas patented jet design provides a truly remarkable hydro-massage. Engineered with the concept of the double helix in mind, the jets use a right-directional spiral on the inside of the cylinder. This causes water to spiral out in a twisting motion, providing jet pulsation and heightened massage pressure.

Hydro Extreme jets are exclusive to Platinum Elite spas. These two whirlpool jets provide a powerful massage like no other.

Flint Hills Spas Territory Dealer of the Year 2018

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