Ventless Ethanol Fireplaces


Ventless Fireplaces

Take a look at these clean-burning, ventless, ethanol fireplaces!  Be done with the smoke, mess, and clean up.

The ethanol fuel we supply is made in the USA.  The sleek design of the ventless fireplaces make any indoor our outdoor design stand out.

Your guests will love your new fireplace and appreciate leaving your home without burning eyes or the smell of smoke on their clothing!

XL Cube

Table Top Fireplaces

Warmth at your fingertips with table top, ventless fireplaces add more than just heat to your indoor room or backyard patio table.


Free Standing Fireplaces

These free standing fireplaces can be a permanent structure or portable (depending on size & weight).  Best suited for indoor or covered patios bringing warmth and style to your indoor room or patio design.


Wall Mounted Fireplaces

Want a fireplace, but don’t want a major construction job? Take a look at these wall-mounted fireplaces that are ready to use as soon as it’s mounted!


Recessed Fireplaces

For the most discerning decorator we can special order recessed fireplaces for your existing or new-construction home.

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