Protection, privacy, and convenience. These gazebos feature residential grade aluminum windows and doors; Galvalume metal roofs that come with a 40 year warranty and will withstand 100 MPH wind gusts and up to 45 pound snow loads. Envirotech HDPE is maintenance free and durable. This product will last for years – even in extreme weather exposure.

Gazebo 10×10 2-Sided

Gazebo 10x10 2-Sided

Gazebo 10×10 Enclosed with Bar

Gazebo 10x10 Enclosed with Bar

Gazebo 10×10 Enclosed

Gazebo 10x10 Enclosed

Gazebo 10×10 Open

Gazebo 10x10 Open

Gazebo Brown

Gazebo Brown

Gazebo Coastal Gray

Gazebo Coastal Gray