Backyard Patio Accessories

We’ve expanded our product offering to include several backyard patio accessories to make quiet-time and family time more relaxing and comfortable.

Not only do we offer swim spas and the most customizable hot tubs in Kansas, we carry high quality saunas, pellet & ceramic grills, heat towers, fireplaces, hammocks, umbrellas, and products to accessorize your backyard patio.

What more can we provide? Customer care! We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and readily available for our customers and take the time to listen and answer all your questions.  We assist you in selecting the products that best fit your style, needs, and desires.

Come in today and let us help you accessorize your backyard patio!

Red Umbrella


With several options we can provide you with umbrellas to give you shade anywhere, anytime of the day.  All sizes, variety of designs and the largest selection in 3 different grades of fabric help you create your very own umbrella.  Options to suit your backyard and patio such as twist, turn, and tilt let’s you decide where you want the shade!



We carry top of the line hammocks that come in several different styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics/materials.

FB Hammock

Patio Heaters

The patio heaters we carry are more than just heaters, they’re designed to be part of the decor and design of your backyard.

With the offering of a designer line, contemporary-glass-tube heat towers, and traditional patio heaters we are sure to find the perfect heat element for your backyard or patio.


Ventless Fireplaces

Start warming your indoor room or backyard patio with Ventless Fireplaces fueled by ethanol.  Do away with the smoke, the mess, the clean up.  The sleek design of these portable, mountable, and recessed fireplaces add to any environment.



Dress up any area of your home or patio with these fabulous rugs, cubes, and baskets.  These fun accessories add a splash of fun and color to the decor whether it be around the hot tub, sauna, or pool.  Made from recycled, waterproof materials it’s a great place to store pool toys or store and collect towels after a soak in the hot tub or swim in the swim spa!

Come in and see us today. Let us show you endless possibilities for your home, backyard, or patio!